Insects In Amber; More Details
The Amber Lady has written an excellent article that discusses amber, its quality, and the nature of the inclusions found. The scholar should get Life in Amber by George O. Poinar, Jr; it is definitive. His The Quest for Life in Amber, written with his wife, is more accessible and adventurous. And their The Amber Forest: A Reconstruction of a Vanished World disects the findings from a particular amber bed in the Dominican Republic; the very same bed that is the source of most of our fossils.

Also of note is Amber, by Andrew Ross, a short but accessible introduction to amber and its inclusions, how formed, where found, how to determine authenticity - with great photos.

We have some interesting mythological stories about amber that might pique your interest. These and others are found in Bruce Knuth's fascinating book "Gems in Myth, Legend, and Lore." It's not only bugs that amber reveals. See this piece in the New York Times about how feathers trapped in amber reveal "A More Colorful Dinosaur Age."

What makes one piece of amber more valuable than another?

Some additional web resources with discussion and photos related to amber and bugs in amber include:

Here are some fine paleontology/entomology/geology related websites for your pleasure.

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