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The Story of Insects in Dominican Amber

Here is the story of how our bugs in Amber were formed. Each specimen in our educational packs, or as requested anytime, will come with this neat instructional brochure. This makes our bugs a super gift for that budding young scientist, for a birthday or on any occasion. And we have great deals on our education packages.

We know our scans aren't the sharpest so just mouseover the frames to read the story.

Once Upon a Time ... 40 million years ago, on a Caribbean island, in a forest primeval, full of strange exotic animals,
The air was alive with insects ... Ancient hymenaea trees dripped sticky globs of sap which trapped small creatures as they passed by. Millions of years later, the globs of sap, full of little insects, washed down streams to the ocean floor. They were covered with shells, sand and debris. Millions more years passed ... the land changed. What was once the island became the ocean floor and what was once the ocean floor became the tops of the mountains of the new islands.
The rains came and washed away the sides of the mountain where the sap lay hidden. Amber surfaced and was discovered by the native people. It was no longer sap, but a stronger more brilliant form of what it used to be. When Christopher Columbus arrived on Hispaniola in 1492 the Taino Indians of the island presented him  with a gift of this amber. He had also brought gifts for them of amber from his world, which also considered amber a precious gem.
Today amber is still cherished around the world. It is worn as jewelry, collected by collectors, and studied by scientists. Amber is a window into a past that we cannot remember ... but the insects in the amber hold that memory in their cells and help us know how very old our world is.

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