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Our Bracelets

Our bracelet selections are being revamped. Check back soon. For now we offer:

Nugget Bracelets:

small yellow ~ $20
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small cognac ~ $20
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larger cognac ~ $25
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larger multicolor ~$25
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Extra large nuggets:
email for availability
Almost all of our necklace styles
are available as matching bracelets
with prices from $25-75.

Peruse our neckware and jet pages
for styles, options and prices.

We can also custom make bracelets
for you based on our styles.

Email for details

We know how tough it is to buy jewelery for others ... even for those very special others. That's why we urge you to consider getting one of our nifty gift certificates. No need to wait for delivery, you'll get an immediate email confirmation that you can present as your gift.

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Bracelets matching specific necklaces may be found on our neckware page. There they can be purchased separately or with matching pieces.

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Baltimore, Maryland

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