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Amber and Fossil Ivory Carvings

We still have many beautiful amber and fossil ivory carvings; many are pendants, others unset. The ivory carvings, we must stress, are of genuine fossil ivory from either Mammoth, Mastodon or Walrus tusk and comes from permafrost. This ivory is NOT illicit ivory from modern mammals. Refer to CITES should you need further elaboration on present restrictions.

If you have special interests not depicted here then please inquire and we can see what we can find for you. We are always adding to the collection so come back soon.

Click on any image below for an enhanced view; maybe enlarged or from different angles or with more detail. See our FAQ for details on our easy to use shopping cart - or just use the Buy Now button to purchase any item. You may SEARCH OUR SITE (or this page) for a particular animal carving or whatever you seek.

We now carry PESKY NETSUKES. These mischievous nature spirits, in fossilized walrus ivory, will guide you and yours through thick and thin. Traditionally designed for monks - are you pious enough to own one? And we are especially proud of our Nature Spirit Carvings; these are one of a kind!