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These exceptional pieces are of superb quality and placement; one of a kind. Most images link to larger photographs with greater detail. These represent just a sampling of what we have in stock; our sources can find almost anything. If you don't see what you want then email us with your specific requirements.

And we know how tough it is to select gifts for others; especially when they have such interesting hobbies. So we urge you to consider one of our nifty gift certificates. No need to wait for delivery, you'll get an immediate email confirmation that you can present as your gift and the recipient can use it on any of our offerings.

Or, for the new hobbiest try one of our excellent sample packs. Or one of our educational packages.

Be sure to look at our fossil jewelry. We offer fossil pendants as well as fossil earrings. Come to think of it, some of our most impressive collector pieces are made into pendants. Here is a sample of amazing collector pieces made into pendants. If tempted, take a look at our impressive, (if I have to say so myself) pendant collection.

Demeter's Dream

This stunning necklace is
truly one of a kind.
Beautiful large center
pendant with Mosquito,
Cranefly, large ant and
many flying insects.

22" necklace w/2" pendant.
Many small insects and
plants in the beads as well.

Click here for more detail

Only $1200 Buy Now

cherry jubilee set in red amber

Greenman's Gift
19" collar with insects and plant
inclusions. Little bits of the forest;
a bee, an ant, a nymph hopper,
little flies, unusual seedpods and
enhydros This necklace is strung
with 12/24 gold filled tubes and

Only $400 Buy Now

Drop earrings w/insects and plant
inclusions to match - gold filled

Only $100 Buy Now

Nice size, Moth
w/sandfly, in
clear yellow
amber, 1 1/2”
see larger or see
mosaic of views
pn816 - $400
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Praying Mantis
Nymph (rare!))
Nicely shaped
1 ¼”, Silver
see larger or see
mosaic of views
pn1102 - $1000
Buy Now

Nymph cockroach
in glowy 1 ¼"
pendant, silver.
see larger or see
mosaic of views
pn1158 - $200
Buy Now

Butterfly w/6mm
wingspread in 2"
honey amber
pendant w/20"
silver chain.
see larger or see
mosaic of views
   SOLD !!

w/forest debris
Amazing wing
detail. Set as
pendant with
sterling silver bail
pn1301 - $300
Buy Now
almost 2", red
ghost of ant and
other insects.
Set as pendant
with silver bail.
pn1302 - $250
Buy Now

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Assassin Bug Exquisite graveyard in honey red clear amber.

Measures over 2 1/2" in length.
Flat back, suitable for setting. Cricket is large
and intact except for a leg flung off to the side.
The cockroach, decomposed looks like a gargoyle hovering. Nice little beetle,
layer lines and bubbles make this an
attractive addition to your collection at $800.

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cricket graveyard
Cricket Graveyard
Exceptional graveyard piece with large beetle, clearly
visible ridges on it’s back, a cricket with distinct mottled
body markings,  flowers from the hymenaea tree,  and
many other small insects. 45 x 36mm size.  Rich cognac
colored amber. Great value at $800.
only $800 - SPX200 Buy Now
Nice Big Spider
Flat backed, would set well.  Amber 36mm x 18mm, spider about 6-7mm with longer legs.  Fine specimen, great placement.  Only $800.  (Please don’t ask me to drill this piece; it should be set by a goldsmith!)
only $800 - SPX203 Buy Now

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House Centipede
Has 7 pairs of legs; indicates age as it
adds a pair each time it molts.  Adults
have 15 pairs.  Centrally placed, 30mm
x 18mm, surrounded by legume leaf
debris, bubbles and small insects.
Centipede is ~5mm in body length.
only $600 - SPX201 Buy Now

10mm body lengthwhich is unusal as it is
rare to find one this large. This Amber piece
is 32mm x 22mm. It is flat backed, so it can
be set nicely. Terrific deal at $600.

only $600 - SPX202 Buy Now

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collector worm

Supergraveyard - incredible! A 'drama of ancient history'.
How many insects can you see or identify?
See enlarged view with many of the individuals visible.
Includes a mite, a pseudoscorpion, a cricket, a spider,
a collembola, plant matter, a midge and lots more.

Almost 2" in diameter - astounding value at $1500!
(just a mite or pseudoscorpion in a piece this size,
would be valued at that price)

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Clicking most of the below images provides a more detailed view.

SP501: Planthopper
Wonderful clarity. about 1 1/4".
Would be great pendant but must be set.
Flat back. Internal fracture makes this
piece too delicate for drilling.
S O L D !!!

SP502: Dragon Head Leaf Hopper
Rare. We've had only one in recent
years. This hopper's head resembles a
dragon; piece not drilled but has flat
back and can be set. Value more as
collector specimen than jewelry. $300
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SP503: Cockroach - Always in demand,
this piece can be drilled for pendant, or
be a star in a collection. About the size of
a quarter elongated. Visible clearly
from both sides. Only $400
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SP504: Super Graveyard. Four special
inclusions, a cricket half that looks like a
little tadpole, a nasute termite (w/pointy
nose), a stingless bee & an ant's red ghost
Sugested as collection piece. Only $300
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SP505: Cricket. Exquisite piece, with no
imperfections. 3/4" glowy drop.
Only $400.
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SP506: Incredibly clear beetle.
This is a 3" piece - only $900!
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SP137: Mosquito-Cranefly Dance
Nice action piece! Bits of other insects
w/large decayed insect on side.
2 1/2 " piece - Only $600.
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SP138: Termite Toilet.
Murky view of 5 rather large
worker termites and fras.
1" piece. Only $150.
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SP139: Bristletails are rare in amber.
This, w/nice flowers, a good collector
buy. A few fractures make it
inappropriate for jewelry setting.
See detailed view. 1 " piece - Only $150.
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SP141: Two Beetles
Clear view of
two different beetles.
1 " piece - Only $100.
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SP142: Very large wasp. Good visibility.
Also a fungus gnat. Teardrop shaped
w/insect at narrow end so shouldn't
be drilled for jewelry.
See detailed view. 3/4". Only $200.
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SP149: Anton bud.
Sweet piece, nice flower bud.
See detailed view. 3/4" - Only $100.
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SP148: Caddis Fly.
A great piece for your collection.
3/4" piece. Only $100.
S O L D !!!

SP157: Hairy Flower - Unusual.
See details. 1/2" piece - Only $100.
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SP152: Harvestman Spider - rare in
amber, partially decomposed, but you
can still see great hair on legs.
3/4" piece. Only $200.
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SP121: Nasutitermite - 1 1/4" long.
Quite rare. Too thin to be drilled for a
pendant, but could be set by a good
metalsmith. Perfect for addition to a
collection. Only $200.
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SP156: Ant column in stalagtite.
Unusual formation filled w/ants.
See detailed view.  Only $75.
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SP122: Cricket in process of decay in
honey-lemon colored amber w/other
inclusions. Collection piece. only $200
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SP123: Earwigs are very rare in amber,
an important piece for a collection.
This very visible piece is 1" long deep
honey, almost red color. Only $300.
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SP101: Beetle - 3/4” long - small amber,
large beetle. Good for filling collection.
see DETAILED VIEW - Only $100
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SP102: Flower (Thymeliaceae), ant,
spider, beetles - small 5/8" piece,
but great inclusions. only $200
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SP105: Spider in bubbles
5/8” piece - only
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SP104: Termite, bubble, fras
nice 1" piece - only $150
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SP107: Termite and mite graveyard
Great 1 3/4" graveyard of repro termites,
post wing, rare mite and other diptera.
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SP108: Soldier termite being devoured.
They are not often seen in amber, and
this one is being devoured by a
beetle, or so it seems!
see DETAILED VIEW - only $200
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T103: Large Cricket centrally placed
in deep honey colored amber. fragile
due to stress fractures, thus suitable for
collection only. 20 x 30mm - only
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T108: Millipede Polydesmida (rare)
in 12 x 15mm drop.  Very visible.

only $200
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T105: Worker termite in 20mm drop. 
Very clear. only
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T106: Nasute (soldier) termite . 
25mm  thick, glowy piece. only $300
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T109: Perfect ant cabochon,
15mm high dome - only
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R9: Great Plant Life and Enhydros
27 x 21mm ~ $200
S O L D !!!
T111: Harvestman Spider and Prey
with others - 15 x 18mm - only
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T112: Dancing Exoskeletons. 
Large flatback piece, 50mm. 
Full of interesting death debris.

only $400 - see DETAILED VIEW
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T113: Nymph cricket in perfect
golden yellow cabochon (large)
20 x 30mm - only
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T114: Wingrider: Fungus gnat nestled
in the wings of a reproductive
termite.  Small (12mm) but elegant

S O L D !!!
T115: Homoptera: very unusual and
extremely visible leafhopper.
Glowy cut - only $500!
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T116: Hemiptera (truebug)
Saldidawe Leptosalda. 
Unusual planthopper - only $200
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T117: Stalagtite formation with flying
ant and others, 35mm - only
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T118: Flower Petals from Hymenaea
and cricket.  A piece of the forest!
- only $400
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T119: Giant termites. Large piece 45mm,
internal fracture - only
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T121: Bristletail, 20mm
only $100
S O L D !!!
T122: Mite, Caterpillar (or millipede),
mosquito, midge and others.
Chock full of rare stuff for a
small piece! 20mm - only
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T123: Truebug (hemiptera).
Large (for amber) and visible.
30mm piece.
only $300
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T126: Harvestman spider
16mm - only
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T127: Earwig Last tango:  Two dancing
earwigs (or web spinners) in amazing
juxtaposition.  Very clear, dramatic.
- see DETAILS - only $500
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T128: Weevil - small and precious.
Piece is 10 x 20mm - only
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T129: Termite and bubbles in
red amber, large piece - 50mm
only $400
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P1 - Bug Graveyard! Paracryptocerus ant,
red ghost of large cricket,
two beetles, gnats and bug parts -- $600!
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S103: Big Ant, Big Piece!
rounded palm piece cognac amber
60mm in length ~ $500
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S104: Pseudoscorpion
great price for rare little bug!
15 x 20mm ~ $300
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S105: Pseudoscorpion and Bark Beetle
20 x 32mm ~ $500
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S106: Large Spider and Leafhopper
cabochon cut,  central fracture,
not critical; ok set and braced.
low price for exceptional inclusion.
35 x 50mm ~ $600
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S108: Two Termites
one very large termite, one ordinary
reproduction termite + a fungus gnat
28 x 32mm ~ $500
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S107: Stingless Bee
Good clarity, honey amber
25 mm rounded piece ~ $200
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Q6: Moth, Ant, Dipthera
(33x21mm) ~ $500
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Q3: Long Beetle, Twig, leaf, enhydros
Deep cognac colored amber, beautiful.
Flat bottom cut so can be set, but
recommend as a collection piece.
(2" in length) ~ $500

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Q5: Beetles with erect reproductive
organs, fungus gnat, enhydros 
and several dipthera (24x25mm) $500
see startling detail view
and great close up
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Q20: Reproductive Termite,
centipede, spider, flies
(partial amber fracture)
(30 x 50 mm) $800

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Q48: Webspinner w/several insects
trapped in silk
Large cabochon (50x30mm) $800
see extraordinary detailed view
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Q33: The Last Waltz
Reproductive termites in free fall embrace
46x33 mm ~ $500
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Q35: Several Ants and Beetle
Large Cabochon ~ 34x50mm ~ $500
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fossil millipede very rare ant - Leptomyrmex
D3 - Millipede: $1500
S O L D !!
P6: Rare Ant ~ $600
Leptomyrmex, Formicidae:
Hymenoptera has an expanded
abdomen used as a storage
container for liquid lunch.
Extinct in Western Hemisphere.
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We also have many other beetles, leaf hoppers, spiders, large ants, leaves and flowers and graveyard pieces in ALL price ranges. Please call or email for specifics before ordering as our stock fluctuates daily. We may have exactly what you are looking for, or, if not, we probably will be able to help you find it. Even if a pictured item above is SOLD we may be able to find you another like it!

We have begun to archive some of our interesting SOLD fossils. Call or mail us your questions or requests.

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