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Here are some exceptional values - collections we have put together for you. Five superb specimens for $125. These specimens come displayed in 1" magnifier boxes. If you prefer the two inch magnifier box, there is an additional $15 cost. All specimens have great visibility and distinct collector inclusions.

This is a great way to build a collection quickly. A good gift for show and tell at school! A teaching tool. A stocking stuffer! and you can trade with other collectors to upgrade specimens as your collection grows.

The Amberlady selects these with pieces with variety and value in mind.  If you have a specific request or if you'd like to order multiple collections and only 1 is left, please email the amberlady.

value pack of amber fossil bugs

  SOLD !!
value pack of amber fossil bugs
collection20126 - $125 Buy Now
with 2" magnifier boxes - $140 Buy Now

value pack of amber fossil bugs



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