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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Here are the common questions we receive. Do you have others?

Q1. How do I place an order and how can I pay for the purchases I select? And what about shipping?

We are using a basic shopping cart to facilitate your jewelry and fossil bug order. Just find the item you want to order. (all jewelry is divided into neckware, earrings, bracelets and designer neckware) When you see the add to order notation just click and "go with it".

You may use our easy shopping cart system for your orders. We accept credit cards and paypal or call 443-956-2459, or email (amberlady@amberlady.com) your information. You can also mail your order with check or money order. We accept purchase orders from institutions for wholesale orders.

Check below about our shipping procedure.

Q1a. How do I use your shopping cart order system?

We have done our best to make this system intuitive and easy to use. When you find an item you wish to purchase just click the "ADD TO ORDER" icon right next to it. It will be added to your shopping cart and you will be shown its present status. You may either then "CONTINUE SHOPPING" to return to your present page, change order quantities and "RECALCULATE" to add to or subtract from the order or "GO TO PAYMENTS" when you are finished and want to enter ordering information. Try it, you'll see how well it flows. And, remember, we'll always accept your fax, phone, mail or email orders.

Q1b. What if I am ready to order but am on a regular catalog page?

Just click the View Order icon available from most catalog pages. Then you will be at the order status page and can use the "GO TO PAYMENTS" button. Give a call or drop an email if there is any confusion about this.

Q1c. Do you sell gift certificates? How do they work?

We offer gift certificates that can be used for our fossils, our jewelry or our artwork. You can buy one from our gift certificate page. Be sure to specify gift certificate as your shipping option to insure zero shipping cost.

When you buy our certificate just print out the purchase confirmation and note the order number. Use that number to redeem your certificate either during an online purchase or in person.

Q1d. The shipping cost in the shopping cart seems high. Why?

Our shopping cart estimates postage based on order size and is not always accurate. We will bill you actual shipping costs based on USPS priority insured mail unless otherwise requested, or USPS International Express (all international orders).

Q1e. How do you ship? What if I want faster delivery?

Shipping is by USPS priority mail. For express mail or to specify the use of another carrier you can make a note in the message area of your order form and we will adjust the charges and ship according to your wishes..

We ship international by USExpress mail unless otherwise specified since the USPS insures USExpress.

Q2. Can you send me a catalog?

We have no printed catalog at this time. Most of our 'stock' pieces are pictured on this site. We do alot of custom work and would love to discuss your particular jewelry needs. Similarly fossil bugs arrive often so what special pieces you are looking for.

Q3. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, wholesale prices are available to stores, institutions, museums or individuals with resale tax numbers. Please provide that number or proof that you are buying for resale.

Q4. Where are you located? Do you have regular business hours?

Our studios are located in exciting downtown Baltimore but we do not have regular hours. We can meet you by appointment for those special needs.

Q5. What is the best way to begin your Amber fossil collection?

If you want to make your hobby an investment first read our article, then our hints about value (with online resources), and then get Poinar's book "Life in Amber" (which classifies all insects and identified inclusions in Dominican Amber). Then you are ready to collect one of each type of insect. You are better off collecting them as specimen pieces rather than as set jewelry.

By the way, the beginnings of a collection don't have to cost a fortune ... Many specimens are available for $25 dollars or less. It is only when you get into the very rare, unusual or unusually large or high quality bugs that it gets pricey.

Q6. Do you sell amber in bulk? or rough material?

We deal in finished amber specimens and jewelry only, if you are looking for rough material try the nice folks at Rough and Tumble.

Q7. Your website is so disorganized. Is there a sitemap I can use?

Well we grew our site in bits and pieces and many of our additions have not been logically structured but we do have a Sitemap for you to peruse. Or, of course, you can run a site search.

Q8. What sort of guarantees are there for your jewelry and your fossils?

We guarantee everything we sell. Our amber insect inclusions are from the La Toca or Palo Quemado mine areas in the Dominican Republic. Estimated age is 25-40 million years old. We guarantee that they are genuine.

Our jewelry is guaranteed to be genuine amber. We also back up our craftsmanship and will repair or replace jewelry that comes apart.

Q9. In that case what is your return policy?

We accept returns within two weeks for full refund less postage.  If there is damage or error in product we refund full price including postage, and or replace or repair item, again, within two weeks.  If necklace breaks after that, and if it is the fault of our stringing we repair/replace at no cost.  If it is damaged by you (over stressful wear, running over with your car, etc.  we'll do the best we can at a reasonable cost. We are easy to work with.

Q10. What about other products you do not carry. Do you list other jewelry sites?

Sure. We are developing such a list so please look at our jewelry links and make suggestions of your own.
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