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Jet and Amber Neckware

The Amber Lady offers EQUINOX; a line of Natural Jet Jewelry.

Amber is from the sap of the tree and symbolizes the light of the world. Jet is from the wood of the tree and symbolizes the dark of the night. The combination is symbolic of the balance in nature, the yin and the yang, the Equinox.

Jet is a gemstone with a history as ancient and interesting as that of Amber. Jet, like amber, has a history of magical association. Amulets of jet and amber have been found together in ancient European ruins. Jet became fashionable in Victorian England which is when it acquired its identity as mourning jewelry. Many cultures use jet for prayer beads and religious sculpture, including American Indians.

Jet is formed by the compression of lignite, an organic material that was once driftwood. Lignite layers are often found with amber (see our article) and so Jet has often been called "Black Amber".

But beware! Jet can be tricky. Here is a useful article about how to tell if what you have is really Jet.

Our Jet is the best; carefully examine our Equinox line of striking jet and amber jewelry; click product images below for more detail. And don't forget our traditional amber neckware designs. Some of these designs also feature the prominent use of Jet.

And, now, we have acquired several spectacular animal spirit pendants carved in fossilized ivory, such as the horsewoman at the right, and made available only through the amberlady. A few are shown below but don't miss our carvings page for more of these breathtaking pieces. Consider how it will look on your stunning jet necklace.

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Jet Neckware
Jet Choker The Zelda Jet Necklace The Priestess; Jet and Amber Beaad Necklace Jet Confetti - carved jet necklaces
Jet Black Beauty
large jet collar
w/ silver accents.
(17") Only $150.00
JB-05 Buy Now
The Grand Version
(28") Only $225.00
JB-05 Buy Now
Earrings $20.00
JE-05 Buy Now
Queen of the Night
16" jet and amber
choker with
handmade sterling
silver beads

Only $140.00
Buy Now
Zelda (34")
long and elegant
jet, seed beads,
faceted amber
and sterling silver

Only $140.00
Buy Now
Innana (18")
Graduated pattern of
amber and jet
garnished with a
hand carved jet
pendant.  17" with
extender chain.
Only $95.00
JNA-44 Buy Now
Jet Confetti (16")
geometrically carved
Jet bead Choker
separated by
oxidized liquid silver

Only $40.00
Buy Now

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Astarte; Jet and Amber
design w/amber,
jet & oxidized
sterling silver

Only $45.00
Buy Now
The Priestess (18")
8mm Jet & 6mm Amber
alternated w/handmade
sterling silver spacers
17" with 1" extender
Only $95.00 Buy Now
Only $40.00 Buy Now
Only $20.00 Buy Now
Necklace + Earrings Set
Only $105.00 Buy Now
Complete Set of three
Only $140.00 Buy Now
The Priestess; Jet and Amber Beaad Necklace
Melissa (16")
delicate 6mm round jet
& oxidized sterling silver

Only $50.00
JN-125 Buy Now

Matching Bracelet
only $25.00
JNB-125 Buy Now
The Melissa - delicate jet and silver necklace Witches Chain - amber, jet, sterling silver Witch's Chain (17")
Amber, jet &
sterling silver
chain necklace

$50.00 Buy Now
matching bracelet
$30.00 Buy Now
matching earrings
$12.00 Buy Now
jet necklace - first lady Hecate's Crown jet and amber necklace Elizabeth - jet and amber necklace Isadora Jet Necklace, Bracelet
First Lady (17")
Graduated jet discs
separated by glittery
hematite glass beads,
accented by glowing
golden amber disc
and center bead. 
17" w/extender chain.

Only $150.00
First Lady Buy Now

Hecate's Crown (28")
Golden Yellow Baltic
amber artfully mixed
w/genuine JET,
enhanced by delicate
sterling silver spacers

Only $230.00
JN-300 Buy Now
Matching Ears $30.00
EJ-300 Buy Now
Set $250.00
JN-300set Buy Now

Elizabeth (22")
Jet barrel beads
accented w/golden
amber& handmade
sterling spacers

Only $120.00
JN-15 Buy Now

Matching Bracelet
only $30.00
JNB-15 Buy Now
Claudia (17") - NJ501
Stylish jet and silver
necklace w/extender
chain & embellishment

Necklace: $85
Buy Now
Bracelet: $40
Buy Now
Earrings: $20
Buy Now
Set: $130
Buy Now

Ceremony - NJ532
Jet and amber
w/no silver spacers
(silver clasp only)
by special request!

16" choker: $65
Buy Now
30" longer choker: $130
Buy Now
Bracelet: $35
Buy Now
Matching Ears: $25
Buy Now

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jet bead necklace
Simple Pleasures
Soft lustre, objong jet
beads w/sterling clasp
and extender chain.
18" necklace $95
Buy Now
Matching earrings $25
Buy Now
Matching bracelet $40
Buy Now
Complete Set $150
Buy Now

Amber and jet
deftly combined
in this Necklace
Buy Now


Buy Now

Buy Now

Starry Night
Sparkling Hematite, soothing
Moonstone, glowing Amber &
black as night Jet will grace
the neck of a fairy princess.
bracelet jb555 - $25
Buy Now
necklace 15" - $55
Buy Now
bracelet 18" - $65
Buy Now
bracelet 32" - $95
Buy Now
(shorter lengths may be custom
ordered - just email us)
Dispel negativity!
Meditate on the unseen.
Magnificent Jet Spheres,
Hand Cut,
Highly Polished

1" Diameter, 12 grams
$25.00 each Buy Now

2" Diameter
$50.00 each Buy Now

fossil walrus ivory
2" long x 1" wide

3 1/2 x 1 1/4"
brown toned
fossil walrus ivory
only $125
Buy Now

2 1/2 x 1"
brown toned
fossil walrus ivory
Winged Bear
fossil walrus ivory
grey-brown color
2 1/2" long
only $125
Buy Now

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