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The Amberlady for Fossil Bugs

Our Insects In Amber
inclusions in amber

The Amber Lady presents a remarkable collection of insect inclusions in amber. These specimens, mostly collected from the central mountain range of the Dominican Republic, are dated by geologists as being between 25 and 40 million years old. The inclusions, commonly referred to as fossils, actually are more like 'mummies'. The DNA of these specimens is often intact and, unless they are exposed to the atmosphere, remain exactly as they were when the insect was entombed.

You may SEARCH OUR SITE (or this page) for that desired fossil bug, a particular animal carving, or whatever you seek.

We've put together new 5 packs for $125 with pieces specially selected for value, variety and quality. Take a look ... these cannot be beat at this price!!!

We now offer our specimens as pendants and earrings. We have a number of prepared pendants and earrings or you can make a request. We also have put together several educational packages with sample specimens and an educational pamphlet for all the kids in your classes.

See especially our featured COLLECTOR PIECES; some are unbelievable!!
And then there is the DEAD ZONE - our SOLD collector bug archive. We also have an educational page for kids and educators. And we've just added our specially selected $125 5 packs.


You may now purchase one of our popular gift certificates online; good for any item we carry. What better gift for any occasion. And sign up for one of our special email newsletters, informative and often with special deals.

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Specimens range in value according to the rarity of the inclusion, placement of the amber (visibility) and the aesthetic of the piece or how beautiful or interesting it is. The size of the amber is also a consideration as larger pieces are valued highly. Our inclusions are in polished honey colored amber.

And now we offer our specimens as pendants. We have a number of prepared pendants or you can make a request.

Pendants with Fossil Inclusions

cherry jubilee set in red amber Charlotte's Web
An amazing necklace
for a serious collector!
Charlotte's Web boasts
over 38 inclusions, with
a Paracryptocerus ant
in the Center Bead.

Truly one of a kind.
22", with sterling clasp,
150 gram weight.

See detailed view.

   SOLD !!

Many new pendants and specimens not pictured. Call or email - ask the amberlady what she has!
If there is something else you seek, call or email us - we probably have it or can make it!!

Set in silver wire.
Silver Chain $10.
These inclusions are
small but visible.
More interesting,
larger inclusions are
shown below.

All pendants set in
sterling silver unless
otherwise noted.
FP-1: $35.00
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FP-2: $55.00
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FP-3: $75.00
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insect pendant on tube chain studded w/varied amber

Ancient Mystery
Fully dressed amber & silver
necklace adorned with a
fossil insect pendant.
18" Silver $150 Buy Now
24" Silver $200 Buy Now
18" Gold filled $165 Buy Now
24" Gold filled $215 Buy Now

Annabel's Treasure
Lighter necklace using silver
tube bead separators and
adorned with a
fossil insect pendant.

18" Silver $125 Buy Now
18" Gold filled $140 Buy Now

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The pendants we select for these necklaces all have visible insects.
If you would like to adapt one of the specific pendants you see on this page
to these styles ask the Amberlady if she can do it for you since some pendants
are more adaptable to different styles. She will advise you and provide pricing.
For example the charge for adaptation above the cost of the pendant chosen:
adapting to the Ancient Mystery style: $85-125
adapting to the Annabel's Treasure style: $55-75
depending on length and size of beads and metal requested.

The new "Silver Slim" necklace features one of our
$35.00 pendants adapted into a 17" necklace with sterling
tube beads, and a juicy bit dangling from the extender
chain that also contains an insect!!!
Only $75 Buy Now

If you would like a pendant with a particular insect
you can select any of our pendants below and, for $25
over the listed pendant price, we will adapt it to
this style w/a silver chain. Email the amberlady to
discuss any adaptations desired.

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Illusion Necklace
with inclusions
each different

Only $45.00
Buy Now
Juicy Bits of Ancient Mystery!
A Bug in every bead in this 17" necklace
designed w/14-20 gold filled or silver
tubes & clasp ... see DETAIL view
Only $150 Buy Now

Below pendants come mounted in sterling silver with bail and come with a cable silver chain.
We have other similar specimens, not yet photographed, available; call or email for details.
And we have many more fossil bugs, many are collector items.
See our bug page and see our special collector specimen page!!

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Spider w/weevil
Simple & sweet.
Spider and
little weevil.
1/4" piece.
pn1206 - $150
Buy Now
Ambrosia Beetles
& black bubbles -
Flat footed
ambrosia beetles
Pretty 1 3/4"piece
pn1207 - $150
Buy Now
MangledSpider -
in golden yellow.
Centrally placed.
1 1/4" piece.

  SOLD !!
Forestbits - Yellow
amber spattered
w/bits of forest
and a few red ants
and insect parts.
1 1/2" piece.
pn1209 - $125
Buy Now
Antdrop: Golden
pendant w/ single
ant. Long, 1 1/2".
pn1205 - $125
Buy Now

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Issid PlantHopper
Rare and a lovely
clear sample.1¼”
pendant w/bail,
Set in Silver.
  SOLD !!

Friendly Wasp
and plant material
in glowy large
pendant. 2” w/bail,
1 ½” amber.

pn1197 - $250
Buy Now
Two flat footed
beetles in
glowy yellow
1 1/4" pendant
(silver chain)
pn1170 - $125
Buy Now

Fly, well placed
in long 1 5/8"
deep honey
color pendant.
(silver chain)

  SOLD !!
Fungus gnat
floating in a
yellow field w/
red inclusions.
(silver chain)

  SOLD !!

Beetle Larvae,
silver, 1”,
glowy piece,
golden color,
suitable for
adaptation to
pn1150 - $125
Buy Now

Large pendant
w/ant & fungus
silver, 2”,
very interesting
large ant on
side and other

  SOLD !!

silver, 1",
Yellow amber
with bubbles,
flower on side
of piece. good
for adaptation
to necklaces
pn1152 - $100
Buy Now

Butterfly or moth
very unusual,
exquisitly placed
in large pendant
Butterfly w/6mm
wingspread in 2"
honey amber
pendant w/20"
silver chain.
   SOLD !!

Nymph cockroach
in glowy 1 ¼"
pendant, silver.
Suitable for
pn1158 - $200
Buy Now

Worker termite
& wood debris
silver, 5/8”.
pn1161 - $125
Buy Now

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Two Moths. 
! ½” pendant


pn1101 -$175
Buy Now

Praying Mantis
Nymph (rare!))
Nicely shaped
1 ¼”, Silver
see larger or see
mosaic of views
pn1102 - $1000
Buy Now

Long Bark
Beetle and
unusual leaf
hopper, silver.

pn1106- $150
Buy Now

Truebug, nice
size glowy
pendant and
very visible
insect. 1 ¼”,
pn1109 - $275
Buy Now

2 worker termite
shells on leafy
layer. Fat and
glowy, 1” x 1/14”,

pn1110 - $175
Buy Now


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Ant and stalagtite
Lovely pendant.
1¾”, gold filled.

pn1053 -$125
Buy Now

in clear yellow
amber drop

PN403 - $150
Buy Now

Big and Little
1¼”, Silver.

pn1043 -$200
Buy Now

inclusion. 1”,
Gold filled.
pn1037 -$100
Buy Now
almost 2", red
ghost of ant and
other insects.
Set as pendant
with silver bail.
pn1302 - $250
Buy Now

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teardrop shape
about 1 1/4"
yellow amber
pn656 - $100
Buy Now

Little Bugs
Large 2" silver
pn769 - $100
Buy Now
Nice size, Moth
w/sandfly, in
clear yellow
amber, 1 1/2”, in
silver.  SOLD !!
Lovely oval
shape 1 1/2"
yellow amber
with square
headed ant.

Small Spider
in lovely, clear
yellow amber,
1 1/2" pendant
   SOLD !!
Sweet unusual
beetle in 1 1/4"
full bodied clear
yellow amber
   SOLD !!

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Fossil Earrings

Diptera - Fungusgnat
silver - 3/4" - lemoncolor
ef140 - $85 Buy Now
Fly - Plantlife
silver - 3/4" - interesting
  S O L D !
Antcluster - Red ghost ant
silver - 1/2" - active w/ants!
ef142 - $85 Buy Now
Unusual leaf or grassblade &
Large mangled flying ant
silver - 3/4" but bulbous,
rich color.
ef144 - $100Buy Now

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Ant in one
Beetles in other.
ef134 - $95 Buy Now
Silver/small 5/8", but very unusual inclusions,
a nymph crustacean of some kind in one,
a flower and stamen in the other.
ef147 - $150 Buy Now

Diptera, silver
   S O L D !
Ant Cluster in one
Flying Ant in other, silver
ef122 - $95 Buy Now
Diptera, silver
ef123 - $75 Buy Now

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earrings by the amberlady
Thrips and others
ef132 - $75 Buy Now
Unusual Diptera, silver
   S O L D !
Termite in one, ant in other
ef130 - $125 Buy Now

Plant hopper and
diptera in reddish
amber. ~1 1/4"

ef86 - $85
Buy Now
Ant cluster in one
ear, plant hopper
in other, silver.
ef98 - $100
Buy Now
Ants in both ears.

ef100 - $85
Buy Now
Flying Ant and
bubbles in one,
Diptera in other.
ef102 - $150
Buy Now

Diptera in one and
Flying Ants in other.

ef103 - $125
Buy Now

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Diptera in one,
Gnat in other.

ef105 - $85
Buy Now

Gnats and fly in each ear,
clear yellow 1” Silver.
ef107 - only $65
Buy Now

Diptera, silver.
ef109 - only $75
Buy Now
Beetle in one earring only,
ef113 - only $75
Buy Now

Diptera, silver.

ef116 - only $65
Buy Now
Beetle and diptera,
ef117 - only $75
Buy Now

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Another fossil earring alternative.
These drops each have
an ancient insect inclusion.

Earwire is gold filled.
Only $40.00 while supply lasts!

Buy Now

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We, of course, carry traditional amber jewelry, if your tastes run in that direction. And what about one of these nature spirit fossil ivory carvings. We have many other striking carvings.

reindeer friend and leaves winged ram goddess
Reindeer Friends and Leaves
in 3 dimensions
only $150
Buy Now

3 1/2 x 1 1/4"
brown toned
fossil walrus ivory
only $125
Buy Now

Winged Ram Goddess
in 3 dimensions
only $150
Buy Now
Winged Bear
fossil walrus ivory
grey-brown color
2 1/2" long
only $125
Buy Now

You'll also want to meet one of our PESKY NETSUKES. These mischievous nature spirits, in fossilized walrus ivory, will guide you and yours through thick and thin. Several are shown here and many more are on our NETSUKES PAGE.

snakeman netsuke  
Only $75.00
Buy Now


Only $75
Buy Now
only $75
Buy Now

You may now purchase one of our popular gift certificates online; good for any item we carry. What better gift for any occasion. And sign up for one of our special email newsletters, informative and often with special deals.

Tyranasaurus Rex skull The study of fossils in amber is not a Jurassic Park phenomena. As a matter of fact, the Natural History Museum in London is undertaking research to confirm that DNA can be extracted from insects ensnared in amber for millions of years. So before the sales pitch, we'd like to educate and entertain a bit ... Select any thumbnail below for a detailed photo of the subject fossil.

bee In May 1995 Science (Vol.268, pg.1060) told how a bacterial spore was revived and cultured from the abdominal contents of bees preserved for 25-40 million years. Our bugs are from the same deposits as those bees.

fossil gnat in amber Here is a gorgeous example of a fungusgnat, courtesy of Mark Meyer's exceptional amber gallery. It's from Dominican amber near our deposits. Its features are remarkably preserved down to the hair on its body!

fossil damselfly in amber fossil bug in amber; a museum piece In 1995 Science (Vol.269, pg. 1819) had a damselfly (left) taken from similar deposits. This 'Lady in Amber', is part of an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

fossil spiders in amber These two spiders are from the Swedish Amber Museum which has one of the largest single pieces of amber in the world; a 238 kg whooper!

fossil ant w/fossil aphid in amberWolfgang Wiggers of the University of Bremen has a fantastic collection of stereograph photographs. Here is a remarkable image of an aphid being carried by an ant. Look at his others.

new species from ebayA scientist bought this bug on ebay for about $30 and found it to be a new species of aphid !! We can't promise but maybe one of our pieces will make you famous. Read all about it.

Contact us with your questions or requests.
The Amberlady, Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland
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